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Hello! Thanks for visiting my website, here's a little insight into me and my work...

I am a seasoned documentary photographer with a passion for capturing the real, unscripted moments that define life's most significant events. Specializing in events, engagements and wedding photography, my lens is a storyteller, weaving narratives through visuals.

A few years ago, my journey into photography took a dynamic turn as I delved into the world of protests and street photography, where quick thinking and a keen understanding of the environment are paramount. This fast-paced experience has profoundly influenced my approach, ensuring that I seize every fleeting moment with precision and authenticity.

With 5 years of dedicated work in the production of photography, I have honed my skills across commercial, editorial, and celebrity shoots. This professional background has instilled in me a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and an understanding of the unique demands of various photographic landscapes.


I find my true passion in the art of documentary photography. What draws me to this captivating style is its ability to not only freeze the big, classically memorable moments but also to immortalise the micro moments that often fall by the wayside.


Through my lens, I seek to capture the essence of your day, your moment, your story— it's about creating a well-rounded view that transports you back to the subtle nuances, the genuine reactions, and the authentic emotions that make your story uniquely yours.


What fuels my love for documentary photography is the pursuit of raw, unfiltered moments rooted in genuine emotion rather than mere aesthetic appeal. While I ensure that each frame is meticulously composed and visually striking, what matters most to me is the emotional resonance my photos evoke.


Join me on a visual journey where aesthetics meet emotion, and every frame tells a story beyond the surface. I'm here to capture not just what happened but how it felt, ensuring that your memories are not just visually stunning but emotionally rich and timeless.

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